Fencing Academy
Marshall, Michigan
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  Marshall Locations
6:30 - 8:30 Beginners, Intermediate
& Advanced
Marshall Academy [Web Page]
18203 Homer Rd,
Marshall, MI

  Battle Creeek Location
6:30 -8:30 Beginners, Intermediate
& Advanced

Gull Lake Partnership
Bedford Elementary
315 Hutchinson
Bedford Creek, MI

Learn to fence, or searching for a place to practice and hone your skills? Tri-Blade holds perpetual fencing classes, as well as 6/8 week summer classes in the three weapons, as well as an open fencing day. Coach Smith and the other instructors are also available for demonstrations. If your group or organization is interested in a fencing demonstration, drop us a line at our club online form.

The Tri-Blade Fencing Academy holds beginner's classes for anyone who is age 8 or over. Remember- it's never too old to start! Fencing can be enjoyed by anyone aged "eight to eighty", and is one of the best exercises you can do!

First Lesson: in the first lesson you have a private tutor, to bring you up to speed on foot work and blade movements, part of the time. Then we will incorporate you in to the full class.

Equipment: we have equipment to use which includes Mask, Jacket, and Foil. We do request the you have long paints, close toe shoes (tennis), and a light tee shirt it does get warm in the jackets.

Forms: We do requirer a Tri Blade Fencing Application to be fill out prior to taking any classes. Please down load any an print a copy to bring to you frist class. Tri Blade Fencing Application.