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Marshall, Michigan
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Broadsword and Heavy Weapons
Tri-Blade Academy also offers broadsword and heavy weapons training for your enjoyment.

Broadsword Training
Skill in the use of Medieval weapons and understanding the strategy of Medieval warfare was necessary and played a vital part in Medieval life. The broadsword training required by a knight was extremely time consuming it was necessary for them to become expert swordsmen. Skill in using Medieval weapons, including broadsword training was necessary for every Medieval knight. A knight was trained first as a page from the age of 7 to 14 and then as Squire from the age of 14 to 21. Special places were assigned for broadsword training called the Pell. Pell training allowed knights to practise various strokes and maneuvres during their broadsword training such as thrusting, cutting, and slicing without imposing an injury on his opponent.

Lead Instructors:
      Sir Rob Leenhouts
                  Contact through our contact page

      Cost: $5.00 per lesson; an average lesson will last 2 hours.