» Customized Design

With 25 years of experience, Akron Graphics & Web Design has been developing quality images for various needs:
• Corporate Imaging • Marketing • Book Covers • Logo Design
• Graphic Art/Presentations • Web Site Design • Web Site Make-Overs
• Web Development • Animation

» Web Site Make-overs

More and more people and companies are looking to the Internet as a way of validating a business. There is nothing better in business than a good first impression! What is your site telling your customers? It could be saying:

  • This is good enough!
  • Presentation does not really matter!
  • Why should I invest any more than I have to!

Ready for a fresh new look? Let us help you! We can create a “Great First Impression”, with a professional new look, that will help you gain your portion of the market share.

» Non-profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations play a major role in our community. Their contributions often go unnoticed, yet we all expect and need them in our communities. Often non-profit organizations do not have the resources or staff to build and maintain a web site that really conveys it’s heartbeat and lends itself to the function of the organization. Our desire is to lend a hand to those who are stretching out their hands to help others.